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Role of Libraries in SDGs Goal and IFLA

Role of Libraries in SDGs Goal and IFLA 
We usually get to know through journal and our national media that several institution have been working on project to align it with SDG goal as per their international commitment.
In the Library context, it is very difficult to find space where as half the digital literate are using webopedia and search engine to enhance their information literacy .Sometime they are served biased,opinionated and agenda oriented and fake information .
In this digital world ,Library find very unique position for authenticity and evaluated as custodian of knowledge. In my opinion, Library can play very important role in underdeveloped society to build their competency to spur knowledge society ecosystem. 
During my literature review and desk research, I found that IFLA has carried out extensively work how to align library services to achieve SDG Goals by 2030. 
IFLA is very focused organization to make sure we make the most of this chance to let everyone know ho…

Why Librarian one of the best asset of any kind of organisation

Librarian is one of the best asset of any kind of organisation
Every day we attempt to classify and organize or catalog or index the article or thing either on wardrobe or cupboard for access and reuse. Same basic tenants of day to day life are being evolved through scientific process and built a methodology to organize wealth of knowledge. 
In the branch of Philosophy of Library and Information Science, the purpose of cataloging and classifying is to organize information and data resources to make it easier to access and retrieve. 
In the advent of Information Communication technology, Organisation has produced numerous content and digital asset. Content is sometimes referred to as media, and is a broad term that contains many types of digital files (ex:PDF, image, audio, video etc.). Enterprise has been moved from folder structure to web application based content management system along with Digital Asset Management System. 
Content management system is software used to create, manage,…